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Revolutionize Banking : Offine Transactions Unleashed

When it comes to retail customers, the banking industry faces several challenges in developing digital currency which allows offline usage and for retail purposes. When a customer wants to process a retail payment, they do so by scanning the vendor QR code to acquire the account details for the transaction. There is no provision for a customer to process the transaction offline.


Headfitted has developed a functional solution, iVouchR which bridges this gap between vendors and Customers. It allows customers to create vouchers of different denominations and use them offline for retail purposes. The solution can have diverse applications, including in cafeterias, toll booths for rapid transactions, the gifting industry, transport services, meal vouchers, petrol stations with connectivity issues, and many other situations.

iVouchR App - Customer

  • Create voucher
  • View mini statements

iVouchR App - Vendor

  • Scan voucher (QR Code) & receive payments from customers.
  • View mini statements

Key Features

Digital Voucher

Enables retail customers to create digital vouchers of diverse denominations and currencies via a mobile app. It offers agility and convenience to all users.

Offline Payment

The solutions can be used by the vendor enabling them to scan the voucher and receive payments from the retail customer seamlessly. Now drive digital transactions via offline mode.

Account Statement

Our custom devised accelerator facilitates transparency by offering complete visibility of all transactions with the ability to view account statements to customers.

Features of Headfitted’s OutSystems Accelerator

  • Mobile apps support iOS & Android.
  • Unbeatable speed: Extremely fast development cycle.
  • Single-click Deployment: Highly accelerated deployment in a single click.
  • High-level enterprise-grade security to protect all client data, including vendor data.
  • Full-stack Visual Development: Enjoy complete development of apps in a single environment.
  • Seamless Integration with any device (prebuilt connectors / SOAP & REST integration with coding).

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