Why OutSystems?

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Innovation is the new constant, Let's Outdo with OutSystems.

OutSystems is designed to simplify the overall application development cycle and help the business achieve its goal. Recognized as the leader in the low code development platform category, making it a preferred choice for organizations looking to accelerate their development processes and innovate with new business concepts.

Why OutSystems Stands Out?

Rapid Productivity

The visual, model-driven development slashes time and costs, enhancing overall agility by eliminating the inconsistencies of hand-coding. One-click deployment ensures that applications are delivered swiftly with all security checks incorporated. 

With the tracking of specific dependencies and impacts across all layers for error-free build packages and production upgrades. It helps streamline delivery as there is no need for any complex configuration tools and helps avoid conventional delays and integration-associated costs.

Speed and Code

OutSystems seamlessly combines development speed with code integration, delivering greater agility. Visual models for user interface, business processes, logic, and data models accelerate development. It offers drag-and-drop functionality to outpace traditional hand-coding. 

Custom code or new integration connectors can be seamlessly incorporated at any time. OutSystems enables fast and secure deployment throughout the application lifecycle in just a click. 

Multi-Experience Development

OutSystems allows the development of rich & cohesive digital experiences across multiple channels, fostering customer satisfaction and enabling a competitive edge.

With native capabilities like geolocation and camera integration effortlessly, It facilitates the extension of mobile apps to browsers with applications run offline with just one click.

Open Platform

OutSystems is a unified platform, offering standards-based code and extensibility. It can connect to any database and seamlessly integrate mission-critical systems. It facilitates an expressive visual language for app development to avoid rapid development pitfalls.

It enables developers to integrate their apps with external existing systems and databases, including monitoring & testing tools. Developers can also implement a database connector to any DB.

Enterprise-Grade Platform

OutSystems stands out as a best-in-class enterprise solution, supporting large portfolios of innovative and quality applications. It scales continuously to support mission-critical apps that support core business processes. 

It is highly flexible and can accommodate large teams and developers. Integration with external systems, databases, and custom apps is seamless along with APIs enabled integration with existing DevOps tools and processes ensuring a coherent and automated delivery pipeline. 

Reduced Cost

OutSystems is highly agile and accommodates broad and complex life cycles, enabling continuous deployment right from project initiation. It has strong control checks in place to detect performance or quality-related issues facilitating quick detection and resolution, thereby lowering development & deployment costs.

No Vendor Lock-In

OutSystems provides worry- and risk-free implementation without vendor lock-in. It takes application models and generates standard apps that don’t require OutSystems to run, unlike proprietary runtime engines. 

OutSystems ensures that the application codes are generated towards a standard architecture that evolves continuously to address novel architectural best practices and optimized performance.

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