Delivery Manager

Job Description

  • Ability to manage and track all high-integrity commitments.

  • Ability to manage and track cross-team/squad dependencies.

  • Ability to coach the team to improve collaboration and outcomes.

  • Strong understanding of delivery and go-to-market methods and metrics.

  • Ability to encourage a culture of team-driven decision-making and commitment.

  • Provide proactive visibility and effectively communicate delivery targets, commitments, and progress.

  • Ability to identify impediments early, actively working to resolve those impediments, and escalations when required.

  • Good understanding of the role of product managers, product designers, engineers, quality assurance, DevOps, and product marketers.

  • Good understanding of how large-scale software systems are designed, built, tested, deployed, and into the hands of customers with Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification.

Job Information

Overall Experience

15 years

Delivery manager experience

5-7 years

End-to-end OutSystems projects delivered as Delivery manager

5+ minimum

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