Enabling Digital Transformation with OutSystems

OutSystems & Headfitted Solutions held a closed group event entitled “Enabling Digital Transformation - OutSystems

On December 11, 2018, OutSystems and Headfitted Solutions collaborated to host a highly successful closed group event titled “Enabling Digital Transformation - OutSystems” at Vivanta Blue Diamond in Pune. The event was specifically designed to cater to CXOs from prominent companies across various industries in and around Pune, along with CXOs of OutSystems India client (a major BFSI conglomerate), who shared their valuable insights and experiences with OutSystems.

Engaging CXO Participation:

The event witnessed a gathering of CXOs eager to explore the potential of OutSystems in driving digital transformation within their organizations. The presence of CXOs from diverse backgrounds added depth to the discussions, reflecting the widespread interest and relevance of low-code platforms like OutSystems in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Insightful Overview of OutSystems:

Headfitted team provided a comprehensive overview of the "#1 Low Code platform - OutSystems," highlighting its capabilities, features, and benefits for accelerating digital initiatives. The presentation offered CXOs a deep dive into the technical aspects as well as the strategic advantages of adopting OutSystems for rapid application development and deployment.

Interactive Discussion and Q&A:

A key highlight of the event was the interactive discussion and Q&A session where CXOs actively engaged with OutSystems & Headfitted Associates. Participants raised pertinent questions about OutSystems' capabilities and its potential to address their specific IT business challenges. This led to an insightful and productive dialogue, with CXOs gaining clarity on how OutSystems could empower them to drive innovation and efficiency in their organizations.

Post-Event Outlook:

Following the resounding success of the event, both OutSystems & Headfitted teams will continue their engagement with CXOs, assisting them in developing, deploying, and managing business-critical applications with agility and speed. The positive feedback and interest expressed by attendees underscored the relevance and impact of OutSystems in enabling digital transformation journeys across industries.

Stay tuned for more updates on OutSystems events, insights, and success stories from Headfitted Solutions!

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