Headfitted Solutions Clinches Top Honors at ICICI Appathon

Headfitted Solutions Clinches Top Honors at ICICI Appathon

In a significant achievement, Headfitted Solutions emerged as one of the top three winners at the prestigious ICICI Appathon held on May 31, 2017. This high-profile event brought together industry giants from the Banking, Financial Services, and Software sectors to showcase innovation and technological prowess in app development.

A Global Showcase of Talent:

The ICICI Appathon garnered immense participation, with over 3400 participants from around the world converging to demonstrate their skills and creativity. Headfitted Solutions, headquartered in Pune, stood out among the winners in the second edition of this esteemed competition.

Comprehensive API Access and Categories:

Participants were provided access to more than 250 APIs across various categories including Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury, ICICI Group, and partner APIs such as NPCI and Visa. This vast resource pool allowed developers to create innovative solutions that catered to diverse banking and financial needs.

Headfitted Solutions' Winning Strategy:

Utilizing the OutSystems full-cycle rapid application development platform, the team at Headfitted Solutions crafted a compelling app that leveraged native device capabilities such as the camera and GPS. OutSystems' user-friendly interface and streamlined development process significantly accelerated the app's creation and deployment.

Rapid Application Development Success:

Siya Ul-Haqu, Director at Headfitted Solutions, highlighted the transformative impact of rapid application development on deployment speeds and scalability. The use of OutSystems eliminated programming skill barriers, making app development accessible to a wider range of professionals. Deployment became seamless, ensuring all dependencies were included in the project for efficient execution.

A Testimony to Innovation and Excellence:

The recognition received at the ICICI Appathon reflects Headfitted Solutions' commitment to innovation, technology-driven solutions, and delivering exceptional value to clients. This achievement not only showcases the capabilities of OutSystems but also underscores Headfitted Solutions' expertise in leveraging cutting-edge tools for impactful app development.

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Rapid Application Development is ushering unprecedented changes in deployment speeds and scalability. He added, “I noticed that development time using OutSystems shortened drastically. The boundaries in terms of programming skills were eliminated since the interface is so easy to use. Deployment is much easier since it ensures that all dependencies are included in the project

Siya Ul-Haqu, Director at Headfitted Solutions


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