Kochi OutSystems User Group Inaugural Event

Kochi OutSystems User Group Inaugural Event

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Kochi OutSystems User Group, organized by Headfitted Solutions, an exclusive OutSystems partner since 2016. Our inaugural in-person user group gathering took place on November 4, 2023, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering a vibrant community of OutSystems enthusiasts in Kochi.

About the Event:

The primary objective of the Kochi OutSystems User Group is to provide more opportunities for professionals, developers, and enthusiasts to connect, learn, and grow together in the OutSystems ecosystem. The event brought together industry experts, thought leaders and passionate individuals to share insights, best practices, and innovative solutions leveraging OutSystems technologies.

Highlights of the Event

  • Engaging keynote presentations by industry leaders on the latest trends and developments in low-code application development.
  • Interactive panel discussions exploring real-world use cases, challenges, and success stories from OutSystems projects.
  • Networking sessions are designed to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations among attendees.
  • Workshops and hands-on activities to enhance technical skills and deepen understanding of OutSystems capabilities.
  • Opportunities for participants to showcase their projects, exchange ideas, and gain valuable feedback from peers and experts.

Our Personal Approach

Why Join the Kochi OutSystems User Group:

By being part of the Kochi OutSystems User Group, you gain access to a supportive community dedicated to advancing skills, sharing knowledge, and driving innovation with OutSystems. Whether you are a seasoned OutSystems developer, a business leader exploring low-code solutions, or someone curious about the potential of OutSystems in digital transformation, our user group offers a platform for continuous learning and professional growth.

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Stay tuned for upcoming events, workshops, and initiatives from the Kochi OutSystems User Group as we continue to empower individuals and organizations to unleash the full potential of OutSystems.

Join us in shaping the future of low-code development and accelerating digital innovation. Together, let's build a thriving OutSystems community in Kochi!

For inquiries and partnership opportunities, please contact us at info@headfitted.in

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