Journey to Forge Mastery: Part 1 – Webinar

Journey to Forge Mastery: Part 1 - Webinar

On February 21, 2024, Headfitted Solutions took the initiative towards empowering OutSystems developers by organizing a webinar titled "Journey to Forge Mastery: Part 1 on building a Forge component using best practices." The event marked the beginning of a series aimed at enhancing developers' skills and knowledge in creating robust forge components.

The webinar commenced by delving into OutSystems' recommended best practices for developing Forge components in OutSystems 11. Attendees gained insights into essential references and guidelines crucial for building high-quality components that align with industry standards.

Team Headfitted, comprising seasoned OutSystems experts, led an engaging session by demonstrating the creation of a small yet impactful component for currency formatting. This hands-on approach allowed participants to witness firsthand the application of best practices in real-time development scenarios.

One of the highlights of the webinar was the meticulous adherence to best practices throughout the component creation process. From design considerations to coding techniques, the demonstration emphasized the importance of following standardized approaches for optimal component performance and maintainability.

The webinar concluded on a high note with the successful upload of the currency formatting component to Forge, showcasing the seamless integration of developed solutions into the OutSystems ecosystem.

Moreover, participants were teased with the prospect of engaging in competitions in future sessions, offering enticing prizes, swag kits, and certification vouchers for the winners. The promise of a blend of learning, fun, and rewarding experiences sets the stage for an enriching journey ahead in mastering Forge development within OutSystems.

Excitingly, this event marked just the beginning of the 'Journey to Forge Mastery' series. Headfitted Solutions continues to be at the forefront of empowering OutSystems developers and fostering a vibrant community of skilled professionals. Stay connected for updates on upcoming events and opportunities to enhance your OutSystems expertise.


The video recording of the session is available

Stay tuned for more informative sessions, competitions, and exciting prizes in the 'Journey to Forge Mastery' series by Team Headfitted!

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